Why PennWell Books?

  • More than 110 years in the publishing industry
  • Respected industry leading content
  • College and academic adoptions
  • Popular non-technical series for industry professionals from diverse specialties
  • Leading industry publications and events serve as important marketing channels
    • Oil & Gas Journal
    • Offshore Magazine
    • Deepwater Operations
    • Subsea Tieback
    • PNEC
    • Industry events including NAPE, OTC and SPE ATCE
    • POWER-GEN International
    • Distributech
  • Refined processes turn your idea into a professionally published product

Creation Process

  • Proposal
  • Manuscript submission
    • Assessment / peer review
    • Developmental edit (if necessary)
  • Production
    • Copyedit
    • Proofreading and indexing
    • Layout
    • Cover design
  • Finished product
    • Printed book (hardcover or softcover)
    • Digital eBook


  • E-mail marketing
  • Social marketing
  • Online banner advertising
  • Print marketing
  • Book stores at industry events
  • Author discounts for bulk purchases by authors who teach courses, seminars or do speaking engagements

For information on proposal submission, or to submit a book or video proposal, click the following:

Energy proposal

Additional Author Resources

Proposal / Manuscript Guidelines