Oil Sands, Heavy Oil & Bitumen: From Recovery to Refinery

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"The gamut of relevant topics - bitumen chemistry, deposit information for extra heavy oil, upgrading technologies, transportation configurations, and the prospects for the alternatives - are all dealt with using a clear, engaging, and (usually) surprisingly readable writing style." 

- Joel Krupa, an energy researcher at the University of Toronto, in LSE Review of Books (a London School of Economics blog
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Unlike conventional oil resources, "unconventional oil" resources have been known to exist only for the last few decades and are available in limited areas of the world. The most commonly known "unconventional oils"—oil sands, heavy oil, and bitumen—are found primarily in the western United States, Canada, and Venezuela. Only recently has serious consideration has been given to North American resources for meeting the increasing demands for transportation fuel.

Dr. Banerjee discusses the importance of these unconventional oils and provides an introduction for those beginning their journey in the still unexplored unconventional hydrocarbon resources of the world.

This book is an important educational tool for anyone in the petroleum industry—whether upstream, downstream, or pipeline—who would like to learn the fundamentals of the most commonly known unconventional oils: oil sands, heavy oil, and bitumen.


  • Illustrations
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • The Chemistry of Bitumen
  • Analytical Techniques
  • Recovery to Refinery
  • Bitumen Production and Recovery
  • Transportation of Heavy Oil/Bitumen
  • Upgrading of Heavy Oil/Bitumen
  • Potential Heavy Oil—Upgrading Technologies
  • Upgrader Project Scenarios and the Future of Clean-Bitumen Technology
  • Challenges Facing Conventional Refineries Using Unconventional Oil
  • Final Thought—Going Green
  • Appendix A: Glossary
  • Appendix B: Various Fractions of Petroleum Crude Oil
  • Appendix C: Additional Reading
  • Appendix D: Collaborators

About the Author

Dr. Dwijen Banerjee is an international hydrocarbon consultant, currently advising on various aspects of the newly developed “tight oil and gas,” with opportunities for the conversion of the abundant hydrocarbons into an almost unlimited range of petrochemicals. He has worked extensively over forty years of his professional career in the area of “conversion of heavy hydrocarbons into lighter clean fuel” with especial emphasis on the “nano-slurry” hydrocracking technology development. He has a strong proven record of innovation credentials with fi fteen U.S. patents and an additional eleven Canadian patents (inventor/co-inventor). He is the solo author of the book Oil Sands, Heavy Oil, and Bitumen – from Recovery to Refi nery, from the same publisher. In his previous job at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, he has co- supervised about a dozen Ph.D. and M.S. candidates in chemical engineering. Dr. Banerjee has also been an invited speaker/consultant at various international organizations, such as: (i) Keynote speaker at the RefComm 2019, Galveston, Texas, (ii) World Heavy Oil Congress, New Orleans and Calgary, (iii) R&D of LukOil, Russia, (iv) R&D of SK Energy, South Korea, (v) Mexican Petroleum Institute, Mexico, (vi) Intevep, PDVSA, Venezuela, and (vii) Hokkaido Energy Research Institute, Sapporo, Japan. He holds advanced degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and a second doctorate degree in petroleum engineering (downstream refi ning) from the Institute of Petroleum and Gas, Romania.

Type: Hardcover
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Pages: 208
Published: October 2012
ISBN: 9781593702601

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Dwijen K Banerjee
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