Economics of Worldwide Petroleum Production, Fourth Edition

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by Richard D. Seba

This edition has been revised and updated to increase its value by including the most recent economic data available for many of its graphs and tables. A number of additional concepts and techniques have been added which should enhance the understanding of petroleum industry economics. Several chapters have been reorganized to flow more logically and enhance the usefulness of this book, which is organized like building blocks with each chapter building on the information previously presented.

The petroleum industry is a combination of many different businesses, ranging from exploration for hydrocarbons to the sale of products to the ultimate consumer. Although this publication focuses upon the exploration and production sector of the industry, it does demonstrate the impact of "downstream" activities on "upstream" (E&P) economics. This material is presented not only to show how the economic value of projects and companies can be determined and how this information is used in making decisions, but why particular factors are important.

Economic concepts and analyses are presented which are normally developed on the basis of cash flow, including many useful models. Results proceed from project to company, or corporate levels where accountants adjust cash flow in accordance with "generally accepted accounting practices" to arrive at corporate profits. Quantities computed by accountants may be unfamiliar to those who normally work with cash flow analyses. However, an understanding of accounting numbers is important, because they may influence many decisions.

It is at the company-wide level that several economic elements become significant. The effects of risk and uncertainty, finding costs, financing, inflation, taxation, depreciation, and the influence of the financial community on management decisions are all explained. The various types of contractual relations that exist between oil companies and host governments conclude the treatise on the ECONOMICS OF WORLDWIDE PETROLEUM PRODUCTION.

512 pages/2016
ISBN10 0-930972-25-2
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