What others are saying about Frank!

I am a healthcare executive and I can strongly endorse Deputy Chief Frank Viscuso as an incredibly dynamic speaker. He has presented at my hospital 4 times for our yearly healthcare leadership conference and has provided training for our team on leadership skills, management skills, team development, and customer service (which is analogous to patient experience). His fire service experience in leadership, teamwork and customer service translate extremely well to the healthcare profession. Healthcare in the United States is going through transformational change, and the skills Deputy Chief Viscuso presents are needed by every leader in the field. He has a remarkable ability to match stories and personal experienced to the needed skills that every leader in our industry must possess.

Dan Hale, M.D., FAAP, SFHM
Medical Director, Pediatric Hospitalist Service, Floating Hospital for Children | Lawrence General Hospital
Chief Professional Development Officer, Lawrence General Hospital

I'm honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to read all of Deputy Chief Frank Viscuso's books and attend six of his seminars. Frank has the ability to effectively simplify and teach leadership principles to the younger generation as well as to a group of seasoned old brown shoes while not insulting their intelligence. His outstanding ability to reach a diverse audience stood out for me during a leadership seminar he conducted for mostly Italian firefighters when I brought him in to speak at the Naval base in Naples, Italy. I'm a retired military veteran who now works as a fire chief on a military installation. During one of his presentations at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, I recalled that I was truly jealous of the opportunity today's active duty military members had to learn from Chief Viscuso. For there stood a man who was not your "Sarge", but an inspiration that has laid a foundation for all in attendance to lead, organize, and effect change in their organization.

Brett G. Johnson, Fire Chief, Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan (DoN)

It is not often that someone has a message and story to tell that can transcend multiple diverse industries. Frank Viscuso has spoken to over 300 of our employees and agents as a group, and has been brought in to our company to work with small teams individually, and each time our members have left his sessions with a renewed sense of motivation and with the skills and tactics necessary to grow their leadership abilities. Frank's ability to merge his leadership lessons that he has honed over multiple decades in the fire service and present them to corporate employees and sales teams is truly remarkable. From customer service concepts to team leadership principles, the skills that Frank has brought to our organization's employees has been extremely valuable and had led to a direct increase to our company's profit and has moved our corporate culture in a positive direction.

Christopher Stopero, Chief Operating Officer, Crossroads Realty, Inc.

Why read Frank Viscuso's book? Because Frank is a natural and charismatic leader who has a special gift to connect and communicate his leadership principles and techniques to men and women of any industry. I have known Frank for over 30 years and watched him climb the leadership ladder of the fire service. In all our interactions, Frank has proven to possess all of the core leadership competencies. He leads by example, communicates exceptionally well, creates a positive environment, develops others around him, and critically, he achieves results. Don't miss this opportunity to develop your own leadership skill.

Colonel Thomas M. Feltey, Chief of Staff, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carlson, Colorado