The World Energy Dilemma

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by Louis W. Powers

"Technical and analytical, Powers' perspectives are nicely interlaced with the personal, adding a vibrant and real touch."

- Dr. William L. Fisher, Barrow Chair and professor, Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas

"Anyone who wants to appreciate the problems to be faced by the world's future energy providers needs to read Lou Powers' book and learn the secrets of the giant oil and gas fields discovered in the past that Lou so generously shares."

- Gene Ames, former Chairman of the Independent Petroleum Association of America, geologist and oil & gas producer

With political turmoil in the Middle East contributing to price volatility and production problems, many experts have questioned if this critical region can continue to supply petroleum for the global economy.

Former Saudi Aramco chief petroleum engineer Lou Powers offers insights into the major oilfields of Saudi Arabia, and whether these historic reserves can continue to deliver the petroleum that drives the global economy.

Written from the perspective of Powers' more than 50 years in the global petroleum industry, this book gives readers a window into a world few understand, yet depend upon for their everyday needs.


  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: The World Energy Dilemma
  • My career takes off
  • Assignment Kingsville
  • At Humble's Houston HQ
  • East Texas major oil, gas fields
  • Return to Kingsville
  • East & South Texas
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Arabia's major oil fields
  • Assessing the Saudi situation
  • Case studies of an independent consultant
  • Pricing and the new technology
  • From schemes to scams
  • A travelling man
  • The U.S. energy debate
  • America's energy plan
  • Epilogue family man

330 Pages/Hardcover/6 x 9 inches/August 2012
ISBN10 1-59370-271-X

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Louis W. Powers
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