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Essentials of Hydraulic Fracturing: Vertical and Horizontal Wellbores


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by Ralph W. Veatch, George E. King, Stephen A. Holditch

Hydraulic fracturing was first developed in the United States during the 1940s and has since spread internationally. A proven technology that is reaching deeper and tighter formations, hydraulic fracturing now delivers hydrocarbons from fields previously considered economically unviable. 

Essentials of Hydraulic Fracturing focuses on consolidating the fundamental basics of fracturing technology with advances in extended horizontal wellbores and fracturing applications. It provides the essentials required to understand fracturing behavior and offers advice for applying that knowledge to fracturing treatment design and application. Essentials of Hydraulic Fracturing is a long-awaited text for petroleum engineering students, industry-wide hydraulic fracturing training courses or seminars, and practicing fracturing treatment engineers. 

Features include:

  • Understanding of fracture propagation geometry and fracture conductivity and how it affects treatment results
  • A focus on safety and environmental prudence
  • Economic optimization of fracturing treatments
  • Fracturing fluid system and propping agent performance
  • Important considerations in designing the fracture treatment for both vertical and horizontal wellbores
  • Algorithms and examples pertinent to treatment design and analysis
  • Pre- and post-fracturing approaches and diagnostics for evaluating treatment performance
  • Hydraulic fracturing model construction and applicability
  • Comparative design examples
  • Construction of spreadsheet calculations key to treatment designs


  1. Introduction
  2. Overview: Important fracture design aspects
  3. Rock mechanics & fracture propagation: Rock properties—In situ stresses, net fracturing pressures, & fracture geometry
  4. Fracturing fluid systems
  5. Fracturing fluid loss to the formation
  6. Fracturing fluid system rheology & proppant transport
  7. Proppants & fracture conductivity
  8. Fracture propagation computer models
  9. Fracture treatment design, implementation, & post-fracture operations
  10. Pre-fracture treatment: Model design examples
  11. Fracturing horizontal wellbores
  12. Fracturing diagnostics
  • Appendix A: Fracture vertical height calculations
  • Appendix B: A quasi-three-dimensional rock mechanics spreadsheet (Q-3D-RMS) model
  • Appendix C: Example spreadsheet program for fracturing fluid efficiency & SIPD type-curve fluid-loss coefficient calculations
  • Appendix D: Bibliography for Chapter 11
  • Answers to selected exercises 
812 pages/Hardcover/8.5x11/2017
ISBN10: 1593703570

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