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The Sunday Preach: "Shape up"

The Sunday Preach: "Shape up"

By Douglas Mitchell, Jr.

June 4, 2017

"The onus for fitness is not nor should it be placed on the fire department. It falls directly on you. While it is beneficial for both the department and the firefighter to keep yourself in shape, it has to start with the individual. Department sponsored and encouraged fitness programs are great to help those persons who need that little extra boost or motivation to get started, but remaining physically fit needs to be one of your personal goals. Being fit will give you the best start at being the best that you can be for you and your team. Are you the firefighter that you would want to respond to save a member of your family trapped by fire? (pg. 44)

If you really want to talk about the 'elephant on the fire floor' take a minute and follow our friend Bill Carey... he does a great job at looking at the 'stats behind the stats' when it comes to dissecting our own LODD's. While operationally a great majority of our injuries and LODD's occur in the residential setting (as this is the fire type that we respond to most frequently across our great country), the stats tell a sobering repetitive tale of death from cardiac conditions.

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