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langenkamp-photo.jpgRobert D. “Bob” Langenkamp was born in the Cushing, Oklahoma, field in 1913, where his father worked as a pipeline engineer. Cushing was then the largest field in the world. His first job was as a roughneck on a drilling rig in West Texas. In the next 25 years he worked as a field mechanic, powder monkey, line walker, oil telegrapher, pipeliner, and gauger. As such he experienced firsthand the numerous new technological developments that modernized the industry. Following his field experience, Langenkamp moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he worked in the Gulf Oil Company headquarters as editor of Orange Disc, the company’s magazine, and sometimes lectured on oil and gas matters. Upon retirement after 41 years in the oil industry, Langenkamp continued to track the progress of the industry, and in 1974 compiled the Handbook of Industry Terms and Phrases and The Illustrated Petroleum Reference Dictionary. The former more than doubled in length and eventually went through five editions and the latter through four before Langenkamp’s death in 2003 at 90 years of age.