Production Enhancement with Acid Stimulation, 2nd Edition - Softcover

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by Leonard Kalfayan

In this new second edition, author Leonard Kalfayan has updated his 2001 book on acid stimulation, one of the primary methods for improving. productivity of oil, gas, injection, and disposal wells. A properly designed and executed acid job can improve cash flow. Kalfayan offers practical guidelines for acid treatment design by stressing a systematic approach to candidate selection, treatment design, as well as execution and evaluation for improvement in profits and productivity.

The new edition includes discussions of modern acid systems and treatment methods with worldwide applications for both carbonate and sandstone formations; new concepts for simplifying and proliferating sandstone acid application; the latest in carbonate matrix and fracture acidizing; more on non-conventional acidizing concepts and acid systems; and more on geothermal well stimulation.

As with his original book, readers can find practical, useful acidizing information and gain greater understanding and appreciate of its benefits.


  • Introduction
  • Part I. Preliminaries
  • A brief history of acidizing
  • Acid treatment categories
  • Formation damage
  • Part II. Sandstone acidizing
  • Purposes of sandstone acidizing
  • Why sandstone acid jobs fail
  • Six steps to successful sandstone acidizing
  • Unconventional sandstone and geothermal well acidizing procedures
  • Sandstone acidizing in horizontal wells
  • Part III. Carbonate acidizing
  • Purposes of carbonate acidizing
  • Comments on the chemistry and the physics of carbonate acidizing
  • Carbonate matrix acidizing: systems and procedures
  • Carbonate fracture acidizing: systems and procedures
  • Carbonate acidizing in horizontal wells
  • Part IV. Specialized remedial treatments
  • Inorganic scale removal
  • Organic deposit removal
  • Part V. Quality control practices
  • Acid treatment quality control
  • Safety
  • Appendix A: Conventional Sandstone Acidizing Procedures
  • Appendix B: Conventional Carbonate Matrix Acidizing Procedures
  • Appendix C: Conventional Carbonate Fracture Acidizing Procedures
  • Appendix D: Surfactants

270 Pages/Softcover/6 x 9 inches/March 2008
ISBN10 1-59370-384-8

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Leonard Kalfayan
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