International Exploration Economics, Risk, and Contracts Analysis

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International exploration and production is challenging and exciting. Negotiating with governments and understanding the dynamics of their fiscal systems and/or production sharing contracts can mean the difference between success and failure. Long-time industry consultant, negotiator and lecturer, Daniel Johnston, provides an extremely clear and practical perspective on:

  • international exploration economics and risk analysis,
  • petroleum fiscal system analysis and design,
  • contract negotiations,
  • economic, financial and accounting aspects of: production sharing contracts, and royalty/tax systems.

International Exploration Economics, Risk, and Contracts Analysis is an anthology of articles from Johnston's column in the Petroleum Accounting and Financial Management Journal (PAFMJ) -- Institute of Petroleum Accounting, University of North Texas. While some chapters date back a number of years, the key chapters and concepts have been dramatically updated with detailed examples.

Features & Benefits
  • Collection of valuable articles gathered in one book
  • Fully updated with detailed examples
  • Exploration economic modeling - "How to" and things to look for
  • State-of-the-art in petroleum fiscal system analysis
  • Government take - strengths and weaknesses
  • Detailed explanation of effective royalty rate, savings index, and entitlement index
  • Alignment of interests between governments and oil companies
  • Booking barrels
  • Insights into the competitive bidding dilemma
  • Value of reserves in the ground
  • Gas development options
  • Summary and analysis of example fiscal systems
  • Detailed glossary
  • Index

479 Pages/Hardcover/2003
ISBN10 0-87814-887-6

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Daniel Johnston
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