Integrated Waterflood Asset Management

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by Dr. Ganesh C. Thakur and Dr. Abdus Satter

Waterflooding is one of the most important methods of improving recovery from oil reservoirs -- with the uncertainty of the economic applicability of enhanced oil recovery techniques (as a result of oil price instability), optimization of waterflooding has become more significant than ever. Integrated Waterflood Asset Management will provide a better understanding of the practical approach to waterflood asset management using multidisciplinary integrated teams, and better resource management practices enhancing hydrocarbon recovery and maximizing profitability. Readers will learn the fundamentals of waterflood management and usage of multidisciplinary technology. The team management approach is examined through real-life examples covering aspects from engineering and geophysics to research, economics, and legal/environmental issues.


  • Introduction
  • Reservoir management concepts and processes
  • Integrated technology - geoscience and engineering
  • Waterflood data
  • Factors influencing waterflood recovery
  • Infill drilling
  • Design of waterfloods: geological, engineering, and operational aspects
  • Waterflood production performance and reserves forecast
  • Waterflooding surveillance techniques
  • Field operations
  • Waterflood project economics
  • Case studies
  • Conclusions and future challenges
  • Appendix A: reservoir management concepts and process
  • Appendix B: reservoir model
  • Appendix C: data acquisition, analysis and management
  • Appendix D: reservoir engineering aspects of waterflooding
  • Appendix E: other items of interest in surveillance

402 Pages/Hardcover/March 1998
ISBN10 0-87814-606-7

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Ganesh Thakur | Abdus Satter
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